I tried doing a blog before, but it was on a different host site, and it was sort of evil and hard to use. So, I’m trying again.

Hi there, ever’body! *It’s Dr. Nick!* Okay, no not really. My name is Sara, well, in real life at least. Most of the time I use the username Arsinoe Selene (aka, Arsi), sometimes tomboy5150, depending on the site and what they will accept.

I am a college student, I work at a yarn shop, knit, write, sign (ASL) learning to cook (you bake brownies, you cook dinner, important distinction, there), and learning to sew. I am inordinately interested in history (people, mainly, not dates, bleagh), and have recently discovered RenFaires. I also relise that my first sentence in this paragraph is grammatically incorrect, and I am going to do nothing to change it, bwa-hahahahaha!

Uh, so yeah. I will be ranting, raving, and generally making a dam fool of myself. I do apologize for any pictures, I do not have ready access to the good digital, just the little crappy one that runs on two AA’s.


One Response to “Introduction”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    whoo sara’s got a blog too! yay!

    also, if you want to have good pictures for something, you can always kidnap me and my dad’s camera every once in a while over the summer. dad’s camera is so fun and new and shiny.

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