Why DO Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?

No, really. I asked on a forum a while back, and someone said something about in Northern Europe, when everybody was all bundled up, all you could see was that a woman’s hair was still blonde, meaning she was still “in her prime”, and able to reproduce still.

However, that does not take into account brunette men. What about them, and where is the love for girls with brown hair, and, as Van Morrison sang, “My brown eyed girl/You my brown eyed girl”. That is one of the few songs I know of that praises those of us with brown eyes and/or hair. So many songs sing of blonde hair and blue eyes. Why?

Here is my theory. Blondes and stereotyped as being dumb, slow, all that, which is where we get blonde jokes. I have known smart, nice, very intelligent blondes (nein, dammit!).  Unfortunately, too many of the cheerleader types in high school (http://www.metrolyrics.com/pom-pom-play-girl-lyrics-beach-boys.html) were peroxide blondes, giving blondes a bad name. I couldn’t have described them better than the Beach Boys did.

Now, using the stereotype of blondes being dumb, let us now look at history. Historically speaking, women were there to serve their husband. Intelligence was often a negative thing. Women were not to be interested in politics. They were supposed to know how to set a formal table setting, cook, do housework. Not educate themselves, heaven forbid! Maybe, the stereotype is so ingrained in people that this is an unconscious thing, a throwback, or residual trait left over from before woman’s suffrage and the whole Women’s Rights movement.

Combining the historical with the present, women are supposed to take care of husband and home, and not be interested in the heavy thinking, that should be left to the men; blondes, according to stereotypes, are ditzy and cannot think beyond fashion and the home.

Wow, I have been cheerful lately, haven’t I? I will try to have a happy post next time, with pictures. No promises, though.


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One Response to “Why DO Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Personally, if I find a ‘gentleman’ who prefers blondes because of the blonde’s supposed lack of intelligence, that ‘gentleman’ gets completely written off in my book. Or anyone who would rather not see intelligence in a woman. I am woman, hear me roar 😉

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