dream dream dree-am.

So, another weird dream.

My friend and I are at my family’s cabin, watching a movie. I walk over to the sliding glass door, my dog (~20 lb. mini schnauzer) is sleeping on his side outside, totally conked out. An army guy is nearby, they are testing bombs, they looked kind of like torpedos, about the size of a football. The guy is sort of loitering, because he is going to be setting one off, but the dog is too close. (note, we do actually have 30 acres of land at our cabin, it’s just trees and weeds, really. And hills.)

“Oh here, let me move him for ya.” Picked up the dog, and moved him inside. They set it off, shoots up like a model rocket, and comes back down not too far away. Then my friend and I  go run outside, because they are going to be setting off more, and hey! Explosions are cool! So we run out towards the north fence (yes, I know the directions up there).

This next bit gets a little confused, I don’t really understand it, and you never really remember dreams very well.

Apparently, this family of four got hit by a train. Not, *honk honk, get off the tracks!* hit, but oop, the train tipped over and they got trapped under it. But they were in the middle of nowhere, in the snow, and they were on the only set of tracks. Yeah I don’t get it. They had to walk for forever to get here.

I’m not sure if this guy was in the “accident” or not. But Sky shows up. My friend and I are standing next to each other, either against trees or a wall that inexplicably showed up in the middle of our property. The name I think came from the movie Mamma Mia!, which I saw with my mom and some of her co-workers. However, it was not him. It was a guy that I graduated high school with, named Skylar. I kinda knew him, mostly just knew of him, that he existed. I think I had a class with him. I don’t even think I ever directly talked to him.

He was being all friendly, and kissed my friend lightly. Then he came over to me. He kind of picked me up, or pushed me against the wall-tree, and started making out with me. 0.<

You know in movies, when they show a couple making out, and you just start thinking “Jeez, come up for air, will ya?”? But before that you have the overwhelming urge st start making noises like *slurp**smack**urp**snort**slurp*?


Okay so maybe that’s just me. It was that sort of making out. Lip biting, sucking face, make out.


Later, at some point, we climbed onto a low tree branch or something, and he had his arm around my waist.

And of course, since it was a dream, I was thinking “Oh, of course Sky is playing tonsil-hockey with me. Makes perfect sense.” Not to mention that before that the place was crawling with the army, setting off missles the size of footballs. Perfectly normal, status quo. And there was apparently a rogue train attacking people by falling over on them. But that’s all perfectly normal.

Moving on…

I saw Mamma Mia! recently. It was really fun. Total chick flick, but it is middle-aged women having fun, not teen-twenties having fun. Which is why my mom and her co-workers liked it. I was the youngest by about 15 or so years. Besides that woman, I think everybody there could have been my mother, or possibly grandmother. It was a blast.

Why is it that nobody seems to like Pierce Brosnan’s singing? I thought it was fine. Actually I kind of liked it. Made everybody else cringe. I don’t get it.

All in all, highly recomended, unless you are a guy, because it is a musical chick flick. My dad and most of the other women’s husbands pretty much flat out refused to go. My boss took her husband and saw it on Broadway, and said he did like it.

Yeah, I don’t get it either. Whatever. We will be getting the DVD when it comes out, and have contemplated the soundtrack.

No pictures for you!


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