I am inexplicably and dangerously bored. So much so that I have contemplated going to the mall. By myself. Yeah, it’s that bad.

I got two shiny new shelving units for my room. I have a tiny room. Got rid of my toy box (even though it had a totally awesome Celtic knot on tht front that I painted on), moved my desk, turned my bed around. All that good stuff.

And it’s done now. And I’m bored. Antsy, really. If I could think of somewhere to go, I would. But gas is really expencive right now, it’s hot out, and I don’t really have anyone to go with. Stephanie’s not free right now, at this VERY SECOND.

The school’s book store is undergoing renovations, and I can’t find out what books I’m going to need yet, so I can’t go out there to get them.

I got on ravelry and went through the free toy patterns, and found several that I want to do. Like I need more doo-dads in my room. Deth of Rats is just too cute, though. I will need more yarn for some of them, and my LYS (work) is closed today.

On the plus side, I have gotten rid of nearly all evidence of my high school years. I have a few shirts (Homecoming and such), but I use those as sleep shirts. I had a few drama posters (Grease, Laramie Project, R&J, etc.) that I chucked.

I finally tossed the corsages my boyfriend at the time gave me for Winter Ball/Prom. We broke up over a year ago. I just couldn’t get rid of them yet. Finally, I looked at them, dry, brittle, falling apart, and decided it was Time. They were unceremoniously dumped in the garbage can with the dog poo. And I felt nothing, except “Oh good, I’ll have that many less things in my room.”

Not much more can be done in my room. I could go through all the drawers in my desk, but that is not fun in the slightest.

I don’t want to just sit and knit, I want to move around. But I’m tired as well as antsy, which just downright sucks. Same goes with writing. I don’t really want to sit.



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