…has not started yet. I don’t start until Tuesday. My best friend left for school a week ago. All my school friends are about 40 minutes away. My social life consists of my job (retail, yarn shop).

I am only going to be going to school twice a week. I am taking four classes, one of which is online. Of the other three, one starts at 8:30 in the morning, and is two days a week. The other two are once a week, and after my other class. I have about an hour between classes to eat and get my lab hours, I think it is an hour a week.

I have nothing going on. Absolutely jack shit. I already got my books. I know where my classes are (a total of two different rooms, ooo!). I pretty much know the campus. I have “class friends”, but no real “hanging out” friends still. I’m lonely and bored as hell. Two days, and I won’t be bored anymore, at least. Still be pretty lonely, though.



One Response to “School…”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    It’s your first day of school! Have fun!

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