Hooray for first day of school.

So, get to my first class half an hour early. Fine, I’m always early, the longer the drive, the earlier I am. Yes, I’m paranoid about that. So I’m waiting, and a guy comes into the building (three rooms, one hallway), and I recognize him from the lab and my other ASL classes. I think he works there. And he puts up a sign. Okay, so I go see, I figured it was a room change.

ASL 104 canceled due to low enrollment.


Wait, WHAT?!?! My ASL class is canceled? I look at it for a minute to be sure it’s right.





So I go upstairs in the main building where my ASL Linguistics class is and look at the door. Nothing. Don’t know why I looked, it just meant more stairs. So, I go home. My next class didn’t start for another 4 hours, and I was not going to sit there scratching my @$$ for 4 hours.

At home, I go through the class catalogue, looking for something to fill the hole in my schedule. Math? No, the one I need isn’t available (due to not fitting or similar stupidity). Science? Again, nothing fits, the class is fine, but lab times conflict. Psych, Geography, History, nothing fits, or is waitlisted full. Meaning you have a whelk’s chance in a supernova of getting in. What the hell, try Tech Theater. Ah, it fits! Hoorah!

By this time it is almost 10. The class starts at 11. I try to sign up, and get told “TD-150 conflicts with ASL-104A” or whatever the numbers are.


Drop ASL, register for Tech, get lunch real quick, leave. Arrive at the parking lot, and I have to park in the North 40, about as far from the classrooms as you can park while still being on campus. Go to the right building, spend about some time trying to find the room (bloody pain in the @$$).  Sounds like fun, there is going to be a Halloween show that they want to scare the bejeebers out of you. Cask of Amontillado, The Beast (some B-movie horror or something), and Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Not to mention a magician. Awesome.

By now I have accepted not having an ASL class. I have two other ASL related classes, Linguistics and Classifiers, so it’s not like I’d be too rusty for spring semester. I’d been wanting to take Tech anyway. Seven people in the class, two are girls, and that was including me. Slim pickin’s for the guys, but good for the girls. ASL is the opposite. Maybe one or two guys.

Head up to Linguistics. Talking with some of the other girls. Oh, you were in 104 too? Oh, you ARE in 104. In the morning. It wasn’t canceled. The NIGHT class was canceled.


After class (same teacher for 104 and Linguistics), I explain the situation to my teacher, tell her I will be there on Thursday. Go home, get a bowl of vanilla ice cream with the Cost Plus off-brand of Nutella (Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread!). Get online, drop Tech, re-register for ASL, and everything is sorted.

Finished my ice cream in peace, parents called me a goober. You’d think that after 14 years of school I’d be literate. You’d be wrong.

Oh, did I mention I had to park out in the boonies? And my school is on the side of a mountain? And there are about 100 stairs from place to place? Meaning, I did about 500 stairs, give or take (I’m going with more), 250 up and 250 down.

So that was my first day. At least it wasn’t my first day of college. That would have sucked. This is my second year.


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