I think…

… I am “officially” a vegetarian. Not really strict, hard nosed about it, but yeah. Lacto-ovo, not vegan. Couldn’t do that. Need my cheese.

I feel like if I actually put it down, I will get scared and stop. Then feel all bad about it, because I couldn’t hack it. Or find out that I can’t, for some reason, and have to stop.

Today was total veggie, no meat at all. And no, I do not believe that fish is in the “non-meat” catagory. Fish is meat. Went to the store with my mom today. Picked up some firm tofu, garbanzo beans (yum!), an avacado for sandwiches. Yesterday was almost veggie, only had a partial chicken breast in hommade chicken pot pie. More potatoes and carrots.

Some things I don’t mind doing without. Burgers, for instance. They’re okay. I can do something else for dinner, though. Well, most red meat, really. Chicken and turkey, though, it depends. Chicken pot pie, for instance. That’s really good on a cold night.

I guess I will be like Stephanie, and my friend Heather at school. Mostly vegetarian. The occasional meat, but always good meat. Not the crap you get at McD’s or something. And even though I do really like the volcano tacos at Taco Bell, I can do without, we rarely go there.

I have gotten better about trying new things, though. I have to have a more varied diet. Also, I have noticed I am paying attention more to what I am eating. I connect Vegetarian with Healthy, so I think “Oh, I must eat healthy foods.” Carrots dipped in hummus is sooooo good. Mom got a Tub ‘o Hummus at Trader Joe’s today. We like a little carrot with our hummus.


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