I learned to cook the way Stephanie Pearl-McPhee‘s daughters learned to knit. My mom has always cooked. I have been her sous-chef since I was tall enough to get stuff out of the cupboards and fridge, and old enough that she trusted me to stir a hot pot. Now if my mom is gone for something, at work, and my dad and I are in charge of dinner (or cake for Mother’s Day or her birthday), my dad is my sous-chef.

My boss keeps asking me about my “grand plans with cooking”. MY grand plans? Those were YOUR grand plans for ME. You give me a recipe, I can make it. I don’t mean I could make perfect crêpes on the first go, just… normal recipes. It’s just not a big deal for me, I grew up around it. I can make pretty much anything.

Boss keeps trying to get me to make dinner a couple times a week, or once a week even. Her kids could (and did) cook dinner, so I should too. Well, she had four kids, plus was a foster parent. Yeah, make them make dinner. I have one brother that doesn’t eat with us more than half the time. He is either out with his friends (he’s 24) or has something completely different. So my mom is only cooking for three people, sometimes I will have something different, so it’s only two. Boss had 6+, depending on who was home and when.

I think it’s how America is now. So many people don’t cook, so their children don’t know how to cook. We rarely go out to dinner. Well, I can’t even say that. The fanciest restaurant I have been to (is closed now) was still casual. I was in jeans and a nice top, my brother had on jeans and a button down. And the only reason we were there was because it was my grandparents and two other couples’ 50th anniversary (year). Beyond that, the fanciest restaurant I have been to is Bubba Gump’s. After that is Phil’s Fish Market. And that is usually take out, when we are on vacation down that way.

We rarely get take-out. Occational pizza, or Taco Bell or something, but MAYBE once a month. Probably not even that much. There are families that eat out a couple time a week. I can’t even imagine that. I’m sorry, in the winter, I want something hot and homemade. Microwaving does not count. Made from scratch, or close to it. Stock or broth for soup is fine, but chop your veg yourself.


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  1. Stephanie Says:

    Yeah, I’m kind of like that too. Give me a recipe and I’m sure I will have trouble messing it up. It’s finding recipes that I will like and eat that’s the real problem! Your boss does have grand plans for everyone to be able to feed themselves. The problem is that most recipes aren’t for food for ONE person. So I get lazy and don’t make myself a whole other meal to eat for a week and instead opt for a variation of what the others in the family are eating.

    Of course, this will be different when I come home for winter because I am going to need to practice Feeding Myself.

    Random point: I hate microwaves. It scares me that the environmentalists are all hailing the microwave. I HATE MICROWAVES.

    Random point the second: Phil’s Fish Market is completely on the other end of the spectrum from ‘fancy’. 😛

    Random point the last: Yeah, not enough people know how to cook. Including me. Most people just make frozen convenience meals, I’m sure… which really… not that great for you. Avoid high fructose corn syrup. Make foods with whole grains and real vegetables. And… make meals from scratch. My mom makes the best soups. Maybe she’ll share a couple of recipes with me. I love her soups so much I’ll eat them over and over throughout the week. And they’re nutritious too! 😉

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