Eight Thousand Three Hundred Fifty Five

That is my current word count for NaNo.

I am rather behind, but I’m still goin’ for it. I have stints of a couple thousand words in one day, then prolonged spaces of nothing-ness. It’s okay though. I need to get a scene in my head before I can pound out the words, and I think I have the next scene, or at least one coming up soon. Can you say dance party in the dining hall? : D w00t w00t!

I’m still not sure if my characters sign or not, though. I have found it hard to make characters that do not either knit or sign. Or both. My three MC’s may all sign, because apparently they have a Deaf uncle. Well, two have a Deaf uncle.

I’m still not sure of MMC2’s past. He was adopted or was a foster child, or “friend of the family” or something, and grew up with my other two MC’s, and has lived with them since then, and they are now all in their early twenties.

I have to wait to off FMC2, though, ’cause that is kind of the end of the story. I want to, though, she’s whiny and annoying. and totally doesn’t fit in with the other MC’s. Which is sort of the point, really.

I don’t plan on publishing, and this is vague enough that I don’t really mind posting this.


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  1. Stephanie Says:


    Okay, I need a little extra encouragement today. Ugh! What a cold sad day. I should go jogging. If only it were warm out.

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