Sixteen Thousand Three Hundred And Fifty One

My current NaNo count. The most I have gotten so far. Possibly as far as I am going to get this year. Last year I think I got to about 14k, so another 2k this year.


I got a 45/100 on my history midterm. Yikes. That gave me a bit of stress.

I am going to be quitting my job. I have never quit a job before, and I hate confrontation. It’s kind of complicated.

I have applied at another place, so I have the whole “Oh, are they going to hire me or not” stress.

It’s mostly the job thing. Killed my creativity, and my MC’s are at a party. I can’t write that while I’m in this kind of mood.

Um, yeah, that’s about it for today. I am actually a pretty happy person, contrary to what this blog may seem.

So, here is a gratuitous Eddie Izzard video (again, he does swear a fair amount, so if you have virgin ears or don’t like swearing, or there are virgin ears about, do not watch):


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One Response to “Sixteen Thousand Three Hundred And Fifty One”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    It’s kind of hard to have quit a job before when this is your first job, y’know. But, yikes. Truth told I’m not completely surprised–just a little bit, though I’m not entirely sure why. Anyway, let me know what’s up soon! And where have you applied? for the curious.

    Also, I would be stressed about that midterm, too. Yikes, indeed. I think Nano is great as long as you surpassed the goal from the year before. I’ve beaten all of what I’ve done before. It’s exciting, to do better than you’ve done before.

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