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I Believe…

December 7, 2008

… in the power of music, to both inspire change, and to keep me from killing people when it is too early, or I have to sit too long with nothing to do.

… in knitting to be able to do the same thing.

… that laughter, while unable to hold a candle to penicillin, is still pretty good.

… everyone in the world should knit.

… in the Christmas spirit, even if it can get a bit much sometimes and I go all Grinch on everyone’s sorry @$$. : D

… that costumes at any time of the year, not just Halloween, can never be a bad thing.

… people think they are doing what is right, for a given value of “right”.

… in┬álaneus veritas. (taken from the phrase in vino veritas, meaning “in wine is truth”, laneus, apparently, means wool)