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December 13, 2008

Oh, I have a very exciting social life. You want to hear about it? You may want to sit down for this, it’s that good.

I spent Friday evening helping a couple munchkins make gingerbread houses.

I know, I’m such a party animal, aren’t I? No stopping me.

It was kind of cute. There was a 3 year old boy that would say yes to anything you offered to him. “Do you want a big dot of frosting right here?” “Yes.” “Do you want to put some Nerds on your house?” “Yes.” I could have asked him “Do you want me to put lots of big frosting hearts all over the house?” “Yes.”

Then there was a 7 year old girl. She was fine, not as cute as the little boy, though. Then another woman came over with her 7 year old daughter, and house pieces. It ended up really being the mom’s house to decorate, her daughter was just eating candy and helping the other girl.

I was the designated piper. Need some more frosting over here? Okay, just a sec. Oo, he wants more for candy canes, okay. My hand was really tired after that.

Got home, had dinner. My parents put a house together, and I did one. Turned out really cute.


That’s a little doorknob on the door. Bit of broken Necco, and a M&M wreath. I meant to have them all facing the same way, so it would be just green dots, but I wasn’t paying attention. Oh well. And those are little frosting icicles, too.


Red bow in the back. Again, I wanted all the blank sides to face out, but wasn’t paying enough attention, and wasn’t too terribly worried about it.


I had never done a tiled or shingled roof before. Just pipe on some frosting, breakĀ a bunch of Neccos in half, and stick ’em on. And yes, I do have a little window box or window sill. Those are chocolate rocks, my parents found them.


I have a chimney. It is just a munch of broken up dark Neccos. I really like it, though. And yes, I have another rock on this side.

I think this was the best gingerbread house I have done. I really like it. And I haven’t even started breaking bits off yet.

Oh, then today my mom came home from work with a Fun Fur scarf. Jesus Christ on a broken crutch.

One of her coworkers started it three years ago, when they were really popular. Had about 6 inches on it. My mom agreed to finish it for her, and I have been working on it a little too. The woman claims to love it, and would wear it.

That thing looks like a muppet pelt that has been in some back alley of a big city for months. It’s gray, yellow, and brown. My mom claims it is silver, gold, and bronze. Six one way, half-dozen the other. Bleagh.

I have thought about knittingĀ a Muppet for myself, but that means I would have to do shaping in eyelash yarn. It would mean I would have to use eyelash yarn, period.