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Things that make me happy

November 24, 2008

Taken directly from my friend Stephanie‘s blog.

So, seven things that are making me happy, after how long of having depressing, low-self-esteem posts.

1. It is almost Thanksgiving break, even though with my schedule that means only one day.

2. Related, but separate; Stephanie (of the blog fame mentioned above) is coming home for Thanksgiving. I will be spending a lot of time over there with her this weekend.

3. On Wednsday, I will be going over to my grandma’s house with my dad (his parents) to help set up for Thanksgiving. Grandma has Alzheimers, but it’s not too bad yet, just fogetting minor things, but grandpa refuses to adapt to try and help, and is only focused on himself. But I digress. Grandpa will be out that day (volunteers with PD, every Tues and Wed), so it will just be me, my dad, and grandma. Grandpa is the stereotypical, crotchety¬†old man. : D

4. Gas prices are plumeting. Filling up last time cost $26.

5. I signed up for classes last Thursday, and got all the classes I wanted. While one of them did actually have a prerequisite that I didn’t notice, I signed up for another class in case I do have to drop it. Haven’t heard back from the teacher yet, but either way I have all the units I need.

6. I will not win NaNoWriMo, but I surpassed my wordcount from last year, and may add some more. Last year my story ended at about 14k, and I’m at 16k plus some change, and it’s not finished. I wonder if I will actually finish the story…

7. Uh… crap, one more. Uh… OH! The Dickens Christmas Faire is coming up! My mom has been before, but it has been a long time, and we will be going.

Which reminds me, oh Stephanie…


Sixteen Thousand Three Hundred And Fifty One

November 16, 2008

My current NaNo count. The most I have gotten so far. Possibly as far as I am going to get this year. Last year I think I got to about 14k, so another 2k this year.


I got a 45/100 on my history midterm. Yikes. That gave me a bit of stress.

I am going to be quitting my job. I have never quit a job before, and I hate confrontation. It’s kind of complicated.

I have applied at another place, so I have the whole “Oh, are they going to hire me or not” stress.

It’s mostly the job thing. Killed my creativity, and my MC’s are at a party. I can’t write that while I’m in this kind of mood.

Um, yeah, that’s about it for today. I am actually a pretty happy person, contrary to what this blog may seem.

So, here is a gratuitous Eddie Izzard video (again, he does swear a fair amount, so if you have virgin ears or don’t like swearing, or there are virgin ears about,¬†do not watch):

Eight Thousand Three Hundred Fifty Five

November 8, 2008

That is my current word count for NaNo.

I am rather behind, but I’m still goin’ for it. I have stints of a couple thousand words in one day, then prolonged spaces of nothing-ness. It’s okay though. I need to get a scene in my head before I can pound out the words, and I think I have the next scene, or at least one coming up soon. Can you say dance party in the dining hall? : D w00t w00t!

I’m still not sure if my characters sign or not, though. I have found it hard to make characters that do not either knit or sign. Or both. My three MC’s may all sign, because apparently they have a Deaf uncle. Well, two have a Deaf uncle.

I’m still not sure of MMC2’s past. He was adopted or was a foster child, or “friend of the family” or something, and grew up with my other two MC’s, and has lived with them since then, and they are now all in their early twenties.

I have to wait to off FMC2, though, ’cause that is kind of the end of the story. I want to, though, she’s whiny and annoying. and totally doesn’t fit in with the other MC’s. Which is sort of the point, really.

I don’t plan on publishing, and this is vague enough that I don’t really mind posting this.

Happy Halloween

October 31, 2008


I worked today. Okay, fine. I wore my Quidditch sweater. I’ll have you know I made it myself. Cascade 220, top down raglan. My dad, my boss, and one of the women that comes in said it looked nice. I don’t know if anybody noticed that I was essentially dressed up as a Quidditch player, without the robe (though I could have, my graduation robe was dark green), shin and forearm guards. Green and gray sweater, tan Dickies, brown shoes. Figured my Ren Faire garb wouldn’t be quite appropriate.

My school is about 40 minutes away. So most of my friends live about 40 minutes away. Any party they would be having or going to would be that far away, or contain people I had no idea who they were. My best friend from high school is going to school in Minnesota. Yeah not going to happen. I’m in California.

I’m not even dressed up right now. We’ve had a few small groups come past, 5 or so I think. I’ve just been on the computer, my parents are taking turns handing out candy.

When my brother and I were young, we would go out with our cousins. Well, the youngest cousin I have now… okay, that doesn’t work, he’s about a year old now. Yes, all of us cousins span about 23 years.

But yeah. Of the cousins we used to trick-or-treat with, the youngest (twin girls) are juniors in high school, I think. And they live about an hour away now. Can’t just pop over there to say hi. My other cousins, the youngest Is a senior in high school. Yeah not going to happen.

I love Halloween. Really. Well, I should say I used to love Halloween. Seeing as I don’t have a reason to dress up anymore, I really don’t care. If I had school, I could have dressed up for that. But I didn’t. So I couldn’t.

So, I’m just sitting here, on the computer. NaNoWriMo doesn’t start until tomorrow. I even have an idea. Not sure if I have a shot at winning, though. Haven’t gotten over 15k before, though. Long way from 15k to 50k.