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I’m Back!

July 20, 2008


Yes, I did have internet on vacation. No, I did not update. The computer was set up in the living room in full view of everybody, and I didn’t feel like having my parents read what I was writing over my shoulder.

So, vacation was fun. But, I get bored after about three days or so. We were there for a week. What I think happens is that at our cabin, we get there around lunchtime, spend the next day there, and leave the day after that. We have been going up like that for years, and that is what I am used to. More than that, and I can’t handle it. Even if we are doing stuff, we are still “based” in the one place.

We took Tour 2 At Hearst Castle (love that place), went kayaking in the bay, wandered around the Embarcadero (the street with all the tourist t-shirt shops and stuff), went to The Cotton Ball (quilting, with a little bit of yarn), The Yew Tree (Celtic shop in Cambria, *drool*), Ball & Skein & More (yarn shop in Cambria), saw the elephant seals on the beach, Took a walk on a pier (not nearly as interesting as it sounds), and attended a Ren Faire.

Now, I can’t really say it was my first Ren Faire. My friend Stephanie and I went to a pirate one a few weeks back. We made our tops, but they kinda sucked, the pattern wasn’t very good. Needed more waist shaping and just didn’t really work out. So I’m not counting that one.

This one, I made garb that actually looked halfway decent (I made a bodice!), even though some little kid thought I was Snow White from behind >.<

There was a joust! It was awesome! They divided the crowd into two, and I was on the side of the Mary, Queen of Scots’ champion. It was awesome. We got pictures, but it was with the regular camera, not a digital, so for pictures you will have to wait until they get developed and I can bother to take pictures of the pictures, or get a CD with them on it.

The Scotsman won. Queen Elizabeth’s champion “did sucketh”, in the words of the Scot. I wish I could remember his name. He was raunchy! It was great.

I got a bit of a sunburn, but it wasn’t/isn’t too bad. I have bodice lines now, though. Heh.

Time for gratuitous yarn and knitting pictures!

I finished one sleeve of my cardigan:

Most of it was done on the trip down. It took 3 1/2 bloody hours to get there. We took one stop on the way down, and that was mainly for the dog.

Then, while we were at the house, I started the body. I didn’t feel like seaming the sides up, so I am doing it in one piece up to the armholes; I have about 9 inches so far:

Lovely. : )

And look what was waiting for me when we got home:

*le gasp*

*le gasp*

It’s a KnitPicks box! Yay! Full of -what else?- yarn! Telemark, to be exact.



I know the pictures doth sucketh.

I have brown, red, cream, dark gray, light gray, blue, and green. The blue comes out looking like purple, though, in the pictures.

Scaling Yarn Mountain!

Scaling Yarn Mountain!

 And, because the upload was being evil earlier, you now get a super bonus picture! Isn’t that super? : D

Now, isn’t that a sh!tty picture? 🙂 I am using the Red Dirt Girl pattern from the Vogue Stitchinary, Colorwork. I am going to make a sweater. It is going to be beautiful and warm and make me think of our cabin. *bubbles over with delight*